Seminar Sophus Lie
June 10-11, 2005

Institut Elie Cartan
Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy I

Travel Information

Institut Elie Cartan
Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy I
B.P. 239
F-54506 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy Cedex

The XXX. Seminar Sophus Lie will take place in Nancy, june 10 - 11, 2005, as the first part of the conference
Harmonic Analysis on Lie groups and symmetric spaces, in honor of Jacques Faraut. The second part of the conference will take place in Strasbourg, june 13 - 15, 2005.

Local Organizing Committee (Nancy): W. Bertram
Scientific Committee: J.-L. Clerc, K.-H. Neeb, G. Olafsson, H. Rubenthaler

Lectures will take place in Amphiteatre A8 (Building in front of the Institut Elie Cartan) [plan of the campus , see also Travel Information below]
Friday, June 10:
 9:00- 10:00   Accueil (Institut Elie Cartan)
 10:00   Opening (Amphi A8)
10:10-11:00   B. Orsted, "Berezin transforms for non-holomorphic discrete series"
11:10-12:00   T. Kobayashi, "Analysis on hyperboloids revisited from the viewpoint of branching laws of unitary representations"
Lunch on campus
14:00-14:50   R. Stanton, "Some properties of Faulkner structures"
15:00-15:30   P. Graczyk, "Recent developments around the product formula on symmetric spaces"
15:30-16:15   Coffee/tea break
16:15-16:45   A. Strasburger, "A new form of the spherical expansion of zonal functions"
16:50-17:20   Chr. Wockel, "Infinite dimensional Lie theory for gauge groups"
17:30-18:20   K.-H. Hofmann, "A class of infinite dimensional Lie groups whose Lie theory we know"
19:00   Dinner (Domaine du Charmois, Vandoeuvre)

Saturday, June 11:
 9:00- 9:50   Ch. Torossian, "Kontsevich's Quantization and applications to symmetric spaces"
10:00-10:30   M. Fuchssteiner, "Lifting Lie Algebra cocycles"
10:30-11:10   Coffee/tea break
11:10-12:00   F. Ricci, "Spectral analysis of the Hodge Laplacian on the Heisenberg group"
14:30-15:20   H. Gloeckner, "Ultrametric invariant manifolds and applications in Lie theory"
15:30-16:20   H. Schlichtkrull, "Paley-Wiener spaces for real reductive Lie groups"
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Abstracts of the talks: ps-file , pdf - file
List of participants (as of june 9th, 2005)

A. ALLDRIDGE (Paderborn), N.B. ANDERSEN (Torino), Y. ANGELI (Wroclaw), J.-P. ANKER (Orleans), S. AOKI (Tokyo), C. ATINGDOGBE (Nancy), C. BACCAR (Tunis), L. BARCHINI (Oklahoma), N. BARDY (Nancy), D. BARLET (Nancy), S. BENAYADI (Metz), Ch. BERG (Copenhagen), B. BLIND (Nancy), E.P. VAN DEN BAN (Utrecht), L. BARCHINI (Oklahoma), N. BEN HAMADI (Tunis), S. BEN SAID (Arhus), L. BERARD-BERGERY (Nancy), W. BERTRAM (Nancy), Ph. BONNEAU (Dijon), N. BOPP (Strasbourg), A. BOUSSEJRA (Kenitra), J.-L. CLERC (Nancy), E. DAMEK (Wroclaw), E. DAVID-GUILLOU (Wroclaw), H. DIB (Tlemcen), M. DIDRY (Nancy), F. DROUOT (Nancy), A. DOOLEY (Sydney), J.-Y. DUCLOUX (Paris), J. DZIUBANSKI (Wroclaw), J. FARAUT (Paris), R. FELIX (Eichstätt), V. FISCHER (Goteborg), U. FRANZ (Greifswald), M. FUCHSSTEINER (Darmstadt), P.-Y. GAILLARD (Nancy), S. GAUSSENT (Nancy), S. GINDIKIN (Rutgers), H. GlÖCKNER (Darmstadt), P. GRACZYK (Angers), C. GRUSON (Nancy), S. HELGASON (Cambridge USA), J. HILGERT (Paderborn), Y. HIRONAKA (Strasbourg), K.-H. HOFMANN (Darmstadt), A. HULANICKI (Wroc\l aw), A. INTISSAR (Rabat), H. ISHI (Yokohama), T.R. JOHANSEN (Iowa), J.-B. KAYOYA (Bujumbura), T. KOBAYASHI (Kyoto), Kh. KOUFANY (Nancy), T. KRANTZ (Nancy), B. KRÖTZ (Kyoto), K. KUMAHARA (Keisaku), J. A. LESLIE (Howard), J. LUDWIG (Metz), N. MAHMOUD (Tunis), M. MASMOUDI (Nancy), S. MERIGON (Nancy), V. MOLCHANOV (Tambov), A. MORTAJINE (Nancy), Ch. MÜLLER (Darmstadt), I. MULLER (Strasbourg), K.-H. NEEB (Darmstadt), L. NEJIB (Tunis), T. NOMURA (Kyushu University), H. OCHIAI (Nagoya), G. ÒLAFSSON (Bâton Rouge), M. OLBRICH (Clausthal), B. ØRSTED (Aarhus), A.PASQUALE (Metz), E. PEDON (Reims), M. PEVZNER (Reims), M. PICARDELLO (Rome), D. POGUNTKE (Bielefeld), A. POHL (Paderborn), L.T. RACHDI (Tunis), D. RADOUAN (Casablanca), F. RICCI (Pise), F. RILKE (Paderborn), M. ROESLER (Amsterdam), G. ROUSSEAU (Nancy), H. RUBENTHALER (Strasbourg), W. RUPPERT (Wien), H. SABORIN (Poitiers), G. SCHLICHTING (TU Munchen), H. SCHLICHTKRULL (Copenhagen), R. SCHOTT (Nancy), H. SEPPÄNEN (Chalmers - Goteborg), M. SIFI (Tunis), A. SOFIA (Leiden), S. SOUAFI (Strasbourg), B. SPEH (Cornell), R. STANTON (Colombus), A. STRASBURGER (Warszawa), M. SUNDHÄLL (Chalmers-Goteborg), Ch. TOROSSIAN (Paris), Kh. TRIMÈCHE (Tunis), A. UNTERBERGER (Reims), J. UNTERBERGER (Nancy), Ch. WOCKEL (Darmstadt), M. WÜSTNER (Darmstadt)
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Travel information

  Here you can find the schedules if you come by train. Please mind that for most trains between Paris and Nancy
  and between Nancy and Strasbourg (those called "TEOZ") one has to buy train ticket and place reservation at the
  same time.

  Here is a Plan of Nancy and Vandoeuvre. The campus of the university Nancy I is located in Vandoeuvre. From the
  center of Nancy (railway station) you can reach it by taking the tramway T1 in direction "Vandoeuvre CHU" (it is
  useful to buy a ticket that is valid 48 hours; one can get it at the "Stan"-office near the railway station); get off at
  the station "Callot" (one after "Vandoeuvre velodrome"); then take the first street on the right ("rue Callot") and
  follow it up to the campus (written in big letters "Universite Henri Poincaré - Faculté des Sciences et Techniques").
  The Institut Elie Cartan is a remarkable modern building which is just behind the parking place, seen from the
  entry of the campus. You will find signs how to go the Seminar Sophus Lie.

  Other travel information can be found here.
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Accommodation information

Here are some tested places. (pdf - file) If you need help with the reservation, please contact our secretary Colette Erzen

61 rue Pierre Semard
54000 Nancy
Tél : 33 3 83 32 28 53
Fax : 33 3 32 79 97
Tarif 2004: de 40 a 80

HOTEL FOCH (proche gare, parking)
8, avenue Foch
54000 NANCY
Tél : 33 3 83 32 88 50
Fax : 33 3 83 32 72 53
Tarifs 2004:  de 35 € a 45€

HOTEL DE GUISE (vieille ville)
18 rue de Guise
54000 NANCY
Tél  : 33 3 83 32 24 68
Fax : 33 3 83 35 75 63
Tarif  : de 60 à 79 €

HOTEL AKENA Centre Gare (classe éco ou prestige, parking)
41, rue Raymond Poincaré
54000 NANCY
Tél : 33 3 83 28 02 13
Fax : 33 3 83 90 00 45
Tarif : 35 € a 45  

4 bis rue des Ponts
54000 Nancy
Tél : 33 3 83 32 89 33
Fax : 33 3 83 35 45 85
Tarif :

5, rue Chanzy
54000 NANCY
Tél : 33 3 83 17 54 00
Fax : 33 3 83 17 54 30
Tarifs 2004: de 81 a 97

HOTEL ALBERT 1er / Centre ville -Gare
Inter Hotel Albert 1er Astoria
3, rue de l'Armée Patton
54000 NANCY
Tél : + 33 3 83 40 31 24
Fax : + 33 3 83 28 47 78
Tarif : 49 a 69 € 

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Please send an e-mail to the local organizer (Wolfgang Bertram) indicating:

- date of arrival in Nancy,

- date of departure from Nancy (if you want to attend the second part of the conference in Strasbourg, please mention so; I suggest then to leave for Strasbourg on Sunday. The conference in Nancy will end on Saturday afternoon about 5 pm.)

Participants who want to attend also the second part of the conference in Strasbourg are invited to register in addition also at the address


Wolfgang Bertram (
Phone: 0033 (0)